The APPG for 'left behind' neighbourhoods was active between June 2020 and March 2024. This website will no longer be updated.

Our policy recommendations

Recommendations for central government: delivering on the promises of levelling up

Recommendation 1.1: A next-generation devolution programme

Recommendation 1.2: A renewed commitment to community empowerment  

Recommendation 1.3: A new era of community ownership

Recommendation 1.4: A re-invented funding model

Recommendation 1.5: A redefined framework for measuring success

The funding system is getting more and more complicated through devolution. Through the next round of devolution, there will be more Combined Authorities, you’ve got County Deals and UK Shared Prosperity Fund, starting with Multiply. The funding is being devolved to various levels of administrations from Mayoral Authorities, right down to district authority level. As a national provider, that system is more complex for us, which means it’s more costly, which means it’s taking money from frontline services for contract management.

Simon Parkinson, WEA, oral evidence to inquiry session one

Recommendations for local government: improving outcomes in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods

Recommendation 2.1: Stronger collaboration between local government and public bodies

Recommendation 2.2: More effective engagement with communities

Recommendation 2.3: Clearer communication and decision-making

Recommendation 2.4: Prioritisation of capacity building

Recommendation 2.5: Targeted investment in social infrastructure and local initiatives

Probably what's needed is to acknowledge that the community should be at the forefront of developing its own life, but that what is needed is some kind of an intermediary … some kind of wraparound person-centred support that's going to bring help with policies and the technical jargon, the training, mentorship.

Billy Dasein, East Marsh United, oral evidence to inquiry session four

Recommendations for community organisations: operating within ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods

Recommendation 3.1: Fostering a culture of mutual support

Recommendation 3.2: Encouraging knowledge sharing