The APPG for 'left behind' neighbourhoods was active between June 2020 and March 2024. This website will no longer be updated.

This research explores how communities can be supported at the local level to better adapt and respond to the climate emergency.


Four in five people in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods are concerned about climate change. While a sizable majority (68%) believe the transition to net zero will be beneficial for their area, 62% would like to see more local control over the process.


Key findings and recommendations:


  • Communities need long-term and steady investment in local capacity building to thrive in a time of transition. Empowering communities to plan and manage their own neighbourhoods will ensure they have full ownership of – and buy into – the net zero agenda.
  • A Community Wealth Fund should be created – using £2 billion of dormant assets – to invest in vital social infrastructure and to support local leadership on climate adaptation and mitigation projects.
  • In addition, a Just Transition Fund targeted specifically to ‘left behind’ areas would facilitate practical steps towards net zero, including insulating homes and helping local small business to adapt to the transition.